Master Resource Group


The Mission

Master Resource Group is a well-established company in the decorative materials industry. Their original website was created more than 10 years ago, which clearly showed its age and was in dire need of a complete revamp. Besides being slow and non-responsive, the original content management system (CMS) could no longer serve the growing needs of the business. On top of all that, they were also launching a new subsidiary, so the website structure needed a complete overhaul. 

The Solution

Verdermore has had extensive discussions with their internal users to understand their business needs for the CMS, as well as listening to the stakeholders for branding requirements. We have completely revamped their website with a new design and structure that is modern and can be easily maintained by the client. Loading speed has tremendously improved and an additional website was also created for the new subsidiary.

The Result

Master Resource has received positive feedback from their clients since the revamp. We have also been providing ongoing Google SEM service to further boost their online presence and promote their businesses.

More Awsome Work

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